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A teen magazine ist die Überschrift der letzten Unit des Englisch Buchs English G 21 für die siebten Klassen.

Im Rahmen des Homelearning haben sich die 7 a (Frau Pfeifer), b und c (Frau Schardinel-Wassong) mit einem fiktiven Projekt eines Teen Magazines beschäftigt, indem sie verschiedene Texte dieser Unit aus dem Bereich Musik gelesen und kommentiert haben. Anschließend sollten sie aus den im Buch vorgeschlagenen Bereichen sports, music, movies oder fashion oder auch aus einem anderen, für Jugendliche ihres Alters, interessanten Bereich ein Thema aussuchen und ihren eigenen Teen Magazine Artikel verfassen. Die folgenden drei Artikel bilden nur einen kleinen Ausschnitt aus einer Vielzahl interessanter Texte.


The power of music

Music is much more than just a nice amusement. Music can be a balm for the soul, but it can also promote children’s intellectual and social development. Even adults can benefit from making music – it mobilizes the brain and produces happiness hormones. No wonder that music is now used by many experts in medicine as a therapeutic aid.

In fact, music changes people’s heartbeat, blood pressure, respiratory rate and muscle tension. Depending on the type of music, different hormones are released – fast and aggressive music-> adrenaline and soft and calm sounds-> no adrenaline.

It is therefore also believed that music can prevent the breakdown of nerve cells in the brains of old people. Some of the brain areas affected in old age are more highly trained with musicians – music has a training effect for the memory. Music also acts as a reminder. For example: students who are allowed to sing words, actually keep them better! !

Thuy My Do (7a)


The life of Dean Schneider Social media star and animal rights activist

Dean Schneider is an animal rights activist in South Africa and a star on Instagram and Youtube. Have you heard of him before? If not, then this article will be interesting for you!


Dean Schneider was born on 3 October. in 1992 in Zürich in Switzerland. Already at the age of six, he developed a love for wild animals in Africa. But back then it was just a dream. Since Dean´s parents had their own company, Dean trained in the financial industry too. Finally, after he had worked one year very successfully in an insurance company, he founded his own financial company at the age of twenty. For three years he managed his company successfully and became rich. In the third year he organized a company excursion to Africa. There, in an animal reception centre, he came into contact with wild animals for the first time. This encounter didn´t let him go so that he gave up his life as a successful company owner and bought 365 hectares of savanna. His goal: rescue injured and mistreated animals and take care of them. In doing so, he establishes a close bond to these animals. On his social media accounts you can often see him cuddling with lions or hyenas. His project, Hakuna Mipaka (This is Swahili and means „no limits“ ) is financed by his parents and by the donations of millions of fans of his, because the farm alone costs 20,000 euros per month!


I hope I was able to bring you Dean and his action a little closer!

If you want to see Dean cuddling with lions, then click here for his Youtube channel:


https: / / www. youtube. com / channel / UCIsz3XD8_E1ebhE4YScWeJg

Florian Dehms (7b)



Theme: games

Roblox is a really famous game for computer and cellphone. It isn't like other games, for example fortnite. The game is based on people getting creative and programming their own games.

Minigames I can only recommend:

<b>Royal High: < / b> Royal High is the dream of every girl. It's like a virtual dream world, where you can be everything you want. You can dress up your avatar and be a model, you can go to the magical Royal High School and meet new friends or you can be a knight and fight with your team against „evil“ players. In this game you can be everything you want. A famous star, a fairy or a scary helloween monster. To complete your outfit you can buy beautiful shoes, cute skirts and good-looking accessories (hats, crowns, glasses, . . . ) . It is a really cool game and my favourite. You need to try it out!


<b>Adopt me: < / b>Adopt me is king of a life simulator. You can adopt a cute pet and take care of it. If you take really good care of it, you get virtual money. With the money you can buy youself a house, which you can design, you can buy new pets, you can buy toys or you can buy funny little hats for your pet. At the start of the game you can also choose if you want to be an adult or a baby. If you choose to be an adult, you can't get sick and you don't need to eat. If you choose to be a baby, your avatar turns small and you need to eat and go to school, if you do this, you get money. A baby can be „adopted“ from another player, who is an adult. Adopt me is really cool and it is more fun when you play it with a friend!


<b>Mad City: < / b>Mad City is a typical game for boys. This game is set in a big city and like in Adopt me you can choose which person you want to be in this game.

Here are the three roles you can play:

Criminal: If you choose to be a criminal, you start the game in prison and you need to break out. If you manage to break out, you need to go fast to the criminal base or you get caught. If you are at the base, you can take guns and weapons to defend yourself. Your task is to rob banks and casinos to get virtual money. With the money you can buy fancy cars and boats to escape from the police.

Police: If you choose to be a police officer, you also start in prison but you don't need to escape. You have to stop the criminals from escaping prison. Police officers earn their money catching criminals and sending them back to prison.

Hero: If you choose to be a hero, you have special powers. For example, you can fly or run really fast. Heroes have the same duty as police officers. They also catch criminals and earn money. But the difference between a police officer and a hero is that it is harder for the criminals to fight against heroes, because heroes are stronger than police officers. My favourite role is to be a criminal because it makes most fun and you earn the most money.


In Roblox you can also buy something with real money. Something like special features and weird clothes for your avatar. The currency in Roblox is called robux. For 0.59 € you get 40 robux, for 1.09 € you get 80 robux and for 5.49 € you get 400 robux.


Roblox is an online game and you need to be aware of hackers. They can easily change the password for your Roblox account and in the worst case they can delete your account. So don´t tell anyone your password and don´t give private information about your life or your age!


In the end Roblox is a super cool game and you definitely need to try it out yourself! But like I said, be aware of hackers. ; )


Leni Kerp (7c)


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